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Sam Tho Duong. Vietnamese, 1969-

Created: 2011
Materials:Silver, nylon, freshwater pearls
Dimensions: L 15" x W 7" x D .875"

When Sam Tho Duong was fourteen years old, his family left his hometown of Bien Hoa, Vietnam, and settled in Pforzheim, the jewelry capital of Germany. Duong soon began to study jewelry at the Technical College for Design of Jewelry and Objects, completing a goldsmithing apprenticeship with the Wellendorff jewelry company in Pforzheim and earning a diploma in design at the University of Design, Pforzheim. He established himself as a freelance designer in 2002 and has shown his work in several group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe. In 2010 he won the prestigious Herbert Hofmann Prize for contemporary jewelry. Frozen is inspired by the natural phenomenon of ice crystals forming on branches. Small silver balls are threaded on nylon and studded with freshwater pearls the size of rice grains, evoking frozen berries or seeds. The allure of Frozen is equal parts visual and tactile.

Museum Purchase: Exchange Funds from the gifts of various donors in fond memory of Edward K Jones (6/3/1970-7/1/2010) and his many contributions and enthusiastic support of the Mint Museum of Craft + Design. 2011.28