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Jade Cycle

Jiha Moon (Korean, 1973-)

Created: 2012
Materials:Ink and acrylic on HanJi paper, 36 x 24 in.
Dimensions: H 36" x W 42"

Museum Purchase: Exchange funds from the gifts of various donors. 2007.83

Referencing many traditions simultaneously, including traditional Asian landscape painting, cartography, calligraphy, and the appropriation of icons from popular culture, Jiha Moon brings a unique cross-cultural perspective to her work. Moon uses the genre of landscape as a point of departure. However, she is not interested in creating realistic representations of traditional pastoral scenes. Instead, she often evokes atmospheric conditions such as gusts, rain and clouds. Through the combination of painted and drawn elements, gestural washes and flowing brushstrokes with lyrical, calligraphic lines, Moon is able to convey elements of the natural world. In the case of Jade Cycle, this element is water. Moon illustrates the journey of precipitation as raindrops form larger bodies of water such as rivers, and streams transform into vapor. This kind of layering of marks and brushstrokes involves a distinctive combination of abstract and representational styles. Moon has stated, “I am a cartographer of cultures and an icon maker in my lucid worlds. I want to be a visual interpreter of the mixed cultural worlds of my generation.”