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Reclining I

Morigami Jin. Japanese, 1955-

Created: 2004
Materials:Madake bamboo
Dimensions: H 28" x W 14" x D 17"

Born in Beppu City, Japan, to commercial bamboo artisans, Morigami Jin had a solid foundation in the medium before enrolling in the Beppu Industrial and Craft Institute. His smooth, sleek designs found a ready market in modern apartments. In 1988, his work was accepted at Nitten, a prestigious Japanese fine arts exhibition. Ten years later, Jin began to enjoy international acclaim and renewed success in Japan.

Reclining I is made of madake bamboo, a particularly flexible and thus popular fiber. His technique is basic to the art of bamboo sculpture: mutsume, an openwork pattern of hexagons formed by six strips of bamboo. However, Jin goes beyond the traditions of his parents and training: he weaves in three directions at once, breaking down the customary hexagonal pattern and creating apertures with five or even seven sides. The resulting shapes can be unstable, so temporary ties and applications of lacquer are used to create anthropomorphic forms that invite comparisons to the work of sculptor Henry Moore.

Museum Purchase: Windgate Fund. 2005.49