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Café Martin, formerly Delmonico's


Everett Shinn (American, 1876 - 1958)

At the turn of the 20th century, New York was a city at a crossroads. For urbanites, modernity was accompanied by social change of a breakneck speed. As presented in newspapers, novels, photographs and paintings, the city was a site of spectacle. The advent of yellow journalism had catapulted the citizens of New York into a culture that thrived on stories of urban life, from blazing infernos to tenement unrest.

Like many of his urban realist peers, Everett Shinn began his career as a newspaper and magazine illustrator who specialized in chronicling the drama of city life. Although many of Shinn’s oil paintings depict cabaret and vaudeville performers on stage, his drawings and pastels, like Café Martin, often focus on the urban scene. This rich pastel depicts a street outside the popular Café Martin in Madison Square Garden. The location of Café Martin had been the original site of the famous Delmonico's, New York's premiere fine dining restaurant. The Café Martin, however, had emerged as a different sort of hangout, for it soon gained a reputation for attracting members of the city's underworld.

Place object was created: United States

pastel, paper (fiber product)

Measurements:    frame height: 26.5 inches    frame width: 32.5 inches    depth: 3.25 inches    smallest height: 17.5 inches    smallest width: 23.25 inches

The Harry and Mary Dalton Collection 1986.5.2

Currently on view at Mint Museum UPTOWN